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Create Your Own Comic: How to Find a Publisher for Your Comic Book

Introduction to the Quest For many comic book creators, seeing their work published is a dream come true. However, the path from creation to publication can be as complex and intricate as the stori...Read Full Article

Create Your Own Comic: Mastering the Art of Penciling

Welcome back to our segment, “Create Your Own Comic," where we dive into the exciting world of comic book creation! Today, we’re focusing on a crucial step in bringing your comic ...Read Full Article

Create Your Own Comic: The Art of Page Layout 

Crafting the Visual Flow of Storytelling In the world of comic books, the layout of the pages is as crucial as the story itself. The art of page layout is not just about placing panels and images; ...Read Full Article

Create Your Own Comic: The Art of Character Design

Bringing Characters to Life on the Page Welcome back to our “Create Your Own Comic" series! Today, we delve into the captivating world of character design. In comics, characters are mor...Read Full Article

Create Your Own Comic: Mastering World Building and Character Development

Embarking on a Creative Odyssey Welcome back to “Create Your Own Comic“! Today, we’re venturing into two of the most crucial aspects of comic creation: World Building and Characte...Read Full Article

Create Your Own Comic: Crafting the Perfect Script

Welcome to the World of Comic Book Creation! Hello, aspiring comic book creators! In this week’s installment of “Create Your Own Comic," we dive into the heart of any great comic ...Read Full Article

Unlock Storytelling Magic: Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Guarantee Comic Success

The Master’s Toolbox Wally Wood wasn’t just another comic book artist. He was a legend. From his iconic work on EC Comics to his humor illustrations for MAD Magazine, Wood left an unden...Read Full Article

The Colorful Evolution: How Tech Transformed Comic Book Art

A World of Color Imagine your favorite superhero comic without any color. Sure, the bold lines and dynamic action might still be there, but something would be missing. Color isn’t just a pret...Read Full Article

Collecting and Valuing Indie Comics

Introduction: Dive into Indie Comics! Have you ever flipped through a superhero comic and thought, “This is cool, but there must be more out there?" Well, you’re right! Indie comi...Read Full Article

Top-Selling Indie Comics of All Time

Independent Comics: Breaking the Mold Comic books have been around for ages, entertaining readers with adventures of superheroes, detectives, and fantastical creatures. But did you know there’...Read Full Article

Crowdfund Your Dream: The Comic Creator’s Guide

Introduction: Blast Off with Comic Crowdfunding! Ever dreamed of creating your own comic book? Maybe you’ve got a super cool story itching to be drawn and published. But printing and selling ...Read Full Article

How to Make a Splash in the Market with Your Indie Comic

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own comic book and sharing it with the world? A creator-owned comic book is where you, the creator, keep full control over your story and characters. This mea...Read Full Article

Indie Comics Breakthrough: A New Era of Storytelling

Superheroes Get a Shakeup! For ages, comic book fans everywhere knew the drill. Every month, they’d rush to the store to grab the latest adventures of the same old superheroes from the big co...Read Full Article

Shadows of Heroes: The Rise of Dark Comics

In the early 1980s, superhero comics were mostly bright and straightforward tales of good versus evil. Heroes like Superman and Batman always saved the day, and their stories were clear-cut and eas...Read Full Article

The Expansion of Sci-Fi in Comics: A 1970s Odyssey

Blast Off! The Expansion of Sci-Fi in Comics: A 1970s Odyssey While capes and tights have always held a special place in the realm of comic books, the 1970s witnessed a stellar shift in the genre. ...Read Full Article

“The Seven Basic Plots” for Comic Creators

Have you ever stared at a blank page, yearning for a captivating comic book plot? Fear not, aspiring writer! Christopher Booker’s insightful book, “The Seven Basic Plots," unlocks...Read Full Article

From Margins to Mainstream: The Enduring Legacy of Underground Comics

Introduction: The Rise of an Alternative in the 1960s Counterculture The 1960s was a period of immense social and political upheaval in the United States. The Vietnam War raged on, the Civil Rights...Read Full Article

Draw Your Dreams: Comic Book Art 101

Introduction: Dive into the Dynamic World of Comic Book Art Have you ever dreamt of creating your own comic book universe? From iconic superheroes to fantastical landscapes, comic book art offers a...Read Full Article

From Timely to Titans: Marvel Comics’ Rise

Comic fans around the world know Marvel Comics as a powerhouse, but its story starts in a simpler place. Back in 1939, the company was called Timely Comics, publishing fun adventures for kids. Then...Read Full Article

The Blaxploitation Influence on Comics

Groove Thing: The Blaxploitation Influence on Comics Remember those funky flicks of the 1970s? The ones with tough-talking heroes taking down villains in the heart of the city? We’re talking ...Read Full Article
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