Amazon Ambassador: A New Era for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: Reborn by John Byrne

Wonder Woman has been a superhero icon for decades, battling villains and saving the day. But in the 1980s, a comic book legend named John Byrne decided to give her a whole new look! Byrne was already famous for revamping Superman, and now he set his sights on Wonder Woman.

Imagine redecorating your entire room – that’s kind of what John Byrne did for Wonder Woman’s world. He changed her origin story, giving her a cooler creation myth (made from clay by the gods!). Wonder Woman also left her hidden island home to live in a regular city, just like you and me! This new city life meant facing new challenges, including super-powered bad guys and even the mighty Darkseid, a supervillain from another dimension! Byrne’s revamp wasn’t just about fighting, though. He also gave Wonder Woman a new job and some interesting new friends. So, buckle up and get ready to explore how John Byrne’s creative vision transformed Wonder Woman!

Remaking Themyscira: A New Origin Story

John Byrne didn’t just change Wonder Woman’s life outside her home – he shook things up on her home island of Themyscira too! Forget everything you thought you knew about Wonder Woman being born from a magic competition. In Byrne’s version, the Amazon queen Hippolyta sculpted Diana out of clay, and the gods themselves breathed life into her! This made Wonder Woman even more special, basically a demigod with the power of the heavens on her side.

Byrne also made the Amazons a bit tougher. While they were still skilled warriors, they weren’t quite the paradise island paradise we saw before. These Amazons were more like a military force, always ready for battle. We also saw a different side of Wonder Woman’s mom, Hippolyta. She wasn’t just a queen – she was a total badass who even became Wonder Woman herself for a while!

Byrne didn’t forget about Wonder Woman’s best friend, Donna Troy. But instead of being a younger Amazon, Donna became Diana’s twin sister, created from the same magical clay. It was a whole new family tree for Wonder Woman, and it definitely set the stage for some exciting adventures to come!

Gateway City: Wonder Woman’s New Digs

Wonder Woman wasn’t content to just relax on her home island after her big origin story change. John Byrne decided she needed a new civilian life, so he gave her a regular apartment in a city called Gateway City. This meant Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s secret identity, could blend in with everyday people, just like you going to school or hanging out with friends.

Of course, Wonder Woman couldn’t stay undercover for long. Gateway City quickly became a magnet for trouble, especially the kind involving supervillains! Byrne threw some serious bad guys at Wonder Woman, including Darkseid, a supervillain so powerful he came from a whole different world. But Wonder Woman wasn’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of danger. She used her fighting skills and her connection to the Greek gods to take down these threats.

Being a superhero isn’t all about punching bad guys, though. John Byrne also gave Wonder Woman a new job as an ambassador to the United Nations. This meant she used her diplomatic skills to try and solve problems between countries, kind of like a superhero peacemaker! On top of that, she even met a new sidekick – a younger Wonder Girl who would help her fight for justice. With a new city, new challenges, and some awesome new allies, Wonder Woman’s world just got a whole lot bigger!

Wonder Woman’s Lasting Impact: Did Byrne Get it Right?

John Byrne’s revamp of Wonder Woman wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Some fans loved the changes, like the cool new origin story and the chance to see Wonder Woman navigate city life. Her fighting skills got a major boost too, and facing villains like Darkseid made her even more heroic. Plus, the artwork was fantastic!

But not everyone agreed. Some fans felt Byrne’s Wonder Woman wasn’t as strong and independent as before. They worried she seemed to need help from guys more often. Another criticism was that the Amazons seemed less friendly and more militaristic.

Despite the mixed reviews, there’s no doubt John Byrne’s work left a lasting mark on Wonder Woman. The way he portrayed her continues to influence comic books and movies today. So the next time you see Wonder Woman kicking butt, remember that John Byrne’s creative vision played a big part in making her the amazing hero she is!


Five Must-Own Issues for Fans of John Byrne’s Wonder Woman

  1. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #101
    Why it’s Essential: This issue marks the beginning of John Byrne’s run on Wonder Woman. Byrne took over both writing and art duties, introducing his unique vision and style to the series. It’s a pivotal issue that sets the tone for his entire run.
  2. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #109
    Why it’s Essential: In this issue, Byrne explores the deepening relationship between Wonder Woman and her new supporting cast. It also features key developments in the overarching plot and showcases Byrne’s talent for character-driven storytelling.
  3. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #114
    Why it’s Essential: This issue is part of the epic “Genesis” crossover event, which has significant ramifications for Wonder Woman and the broader DC Universe. Byrne’s intricate plotting and dynamic artwork shine in this high-stakes story.
  4. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #124
    Why it’s Essential: Byrne brings in classic mythological elements and blends them with modern superheroics. This issue highlights Wonder Woman’s dual role as a warrior and an ambassador of peace, encapsulating Byrne’s vision for the character.
  5. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #136
    Why it’s Essential: This issue is part of the climactic “Godwar” storyline, where Wonder Woman faces off against some of her most formidable foes. Byrne’s storytelling reaches a crescendo, making it a thrilling and satisfying read for fans.

These issues encapsulate the essence of John Byrne’s tenure on Wonder Woman, showcasing his ability to blend mythology, superhero action, and deep character development.

Wonder Woman: Reborn and Ready for Action!

John Byrne’s take on Wonder Woman was a bold move that shook things up for the iconic hero. He gave her a fresh origin story, a new home in a regular city, and some powerful new enemies to fight. While there were some criticisms, there’s no denying that Byrne’s creative spark left a lasting impact on Wonder Woman. Her adventures continue to entertain readers and inspire us to fight for what’s right. So next time you pick up a Wonder Woman comic or see her on the big screen, remember the exciting changes John Byrne brought to her world!

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