Walt Simonson’s Fantastic Run on the Fantastic Four

Reinvigorating Marvel’s First Family

Walt Simonson, renowned for his dynamic and innovative work in comics, took the reins of Marvel’sFantastic Four” in the early 1990s, embarking on a run that would reinvigorate the beloved series. Simonson, already famous for his legendary work on titles like “Thor,” brought his unique storytelling and artistic flair to Marvel’s First Family, offering fans a fresh and exciting take on the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing.

A Fresh Perspective on Classic Characters

Revitalizing the Fantastic Four: Simonson’s approach to the Fantastic Four was characterized by a deep respect for the characters’ rich history, combined with a desire to take them in new and exciting directions. He injected new energy into the series, balancing classic superhero action with complex narrative arcs.

Artistic Brilliance: Not only did Simonson pen the stories, but he also brought his distinctive artistic style to the series. His dynamic layouts and bold lines added a new level of excitement to the action sequences, while his attention to character detail brought a new depth to the storytelling.

Memorable Storylines and Epic Adventures

Innovative Narratives: Simonson’s run included some memorable storylines that expanded the mythos of the Fantastic Four. He explored the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, took the team through time and space, and introduced new villains and allies.

Crossovers and Guest Appearances: Simonson skillfully integrated the Fantastic Four into the broader Marvel Universe. His run featured crossovers with other characters and events, adding layers to the narrative and showcasing the versatility of the team.

The Impact of Simonson’s Run

Critical Acclaim: Simonson’s work on the Fantastic Four was met with critical acclaim. Fans and critics alike appreciated his ability to balance respect for the team’s history with innovative storytelling.

A Lasting Legacy: The influence of Simonson’s run can be seen in subsequent Fantastic Four stories. He set a high bar for character development and adventurous storytelling, inspiring future writers and artists who took on the series.


Here are the top five “Fantastic Four” comic book issues from Walt Simonson’s run that are essential for any collector:

  1. “Fantastic Four” #337 (1990): Marking the beginning of Simonson’s run on the series, this issue sets the tone for what’s to come. It features the Fantastic Four embarking on a time-travel adventure, a theme that Simonson would explore in depth during his tenure.
  2. “Fantastic Four” #350 (1991): This milestone issue is notable for its epic showdown between the Thing and the Hulk. Simonson’s writing, coupled with his distinctive art style, makes this a memorable and collectible issue.
  3. “Fantastic Four” #352 (1991): An innovative issue where Simonson plays with the comic book format in a story involving time manipulation. The narrative structure and panel layout in this issue are particularly creative, showcasing Simonson’s willingness to push the boundaries of comic book storytelling.
  4. “Fantastic Four” #358 (1991): This 30th-anniversary issue is packed with revelations and is a key issue in Simonson’s run. It delves into the history of the Fantastic Four and includes significant character development, making it a pivotal issue for fans.
  5. “Fantastic Four” #362 (1992): Known for its intense action and character dynamics, this issue exemplifies Simonson’s skill at balancing traditional superheroics with deeper storytelling. It’s a great representation of the themes and style that define his run on the series.

Denouement: Simonson’s Timeless Contribution

Walt Simonson’s run on the “Fantastic Four” stands as a testament to his talent as a writer and artist. He breathed new life into the series, leaving a lasting impact on the characters and their stories. For fans of the Fantastic Four, Simonson’s work remains a highlight in the series’ long and storied history, offering a blend of respect for tradition and a passion for innovation that captures the essence of what makes these characters so enduringly fantastic.

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