Walt Simonson’s Thor

Walt Simonson’s run on Marvel Comics’ Thor is widely regarded as one of the greatest creative achievements in the history of the character and the franchise as a whole. Simonson’s approach to the series, which began with issue #337 in 1983 and continued through issue #382 in 1987, marked a turning point for the character and helped to redefine and reinvigorate the franchise for a new generation of readers.

Simonson’s approach to Thor was marked by a renewed focus on the character’s Norse mythology roots. He introduced new characters and concepts, such as the villainous Malekith the Dark Elf and the magical sword known as the Twilight Sword. He also placed a greater emphasis on the character’s relationships and emotions, exploring the tensions and conflicts that arise from being both a god and a hero.

One of the most notable aspects of Simonson’s work on Thor was his art. His illustrations were dynamic and highly detailed, with a level of intricacy and depth that was unmatched in the industry at the time. He was a master of composition and storytelling, and he used his art to convey both the grandeur and the emotional depth of the characters and their adventures.

Some of the most notable issues of Simonson’s run on Thor include:

  • Thor #337-340: The “Surtur Saga,” in which Thor battles the fire demon Surtur and his forces.
  • Thor #347-349: The “Mjolnir’s Journey” storyline, in which Thor loses his hammer and must go on a quest to retrieve it.
  • Thor #360-362: The “Burning of Asgard” storyline, in which the Asgardian city is destroyed by the villainous Firelord.
  • Thor #373-374: The “Beta Ray Bill” storyline, in which the alien hero Beta Ray Bill gains possession of Mjolnir and becomes a hero in his own right.
  • Thor #380-382: The “Twilight of the Gods” storyline, in which Asgard is destroyed and the gods are forced to confront their mortality.

These and many other issues of Simonson’s run on Thor have become beloved classics of the medium, and they continue to be reprinted and celebrated by fans and creators alike. Simonson’s work on the series helped to define the character and the franchise for a new generation of readers, and it remains a high-water mark of comic book creativity and innovation.

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