Jason Brubaker

Jason Brubaker is a comic book artist and writer who has become a rising star in the industry. In this article, we will explore how Jason Brubaker got his start in comics, his creative process, and his continued success in the modern era.

Brubaker began his career in the entertainment industry as an animator, working on a number of high-profile projects for companies such as DreamWorks and Disney. However, he soon became interested in the world of comic books and began to experiment with his own creations.

In 2006, Brubaker launched his webcomic series, reMIND. The series tells the story of a young woman named Sonja who discovers a mysterious substance that allows her to communicate with her cat, Victuals. The series was highly praised for its intricate world-building, engaging storyline, and unique artwork.

reMIND was eventually collected in a graphic novel format and published by Coffee Table Comics in 2011. The book received critical acclaim and helped to establish Brubaker as a rising star in the comic book industry.

Since the success of reMIND, Brubaker has continued to work on a number of high-profile projects. He has worked with companies such as Image Comics and Top Cow Productions and has created several successful Kickstarter campaigns to fund his independent projects.

One of Brubaker’s most successful Kickstarter campaigns was for his graphic novel series, Sithrah. The series tells the story of a young girl who discovers a mysterious creature that allows her to travel through different dimensions. The campaign was launched in 2016 with a funding goal of $15,000, but ultimately raised over $200,000 from more than 3,000 backers.

In addition to Sithrah, Brubaker has used Kickstarter to fund other projects such as Phobos and the anthology series, Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales. These campaigns have also been highly successful, allowing Brubaker to bring his unique creative vision to life with the support of his fans.

One of the unique aspects of Brubaker’s Kickstarter campaigns is his emphasis on creating high-quality rewards for his backers. In addition to receiving copies of his comics, backers have the opportunity to receive exclusive prints, t-shirts, and even original artwork from Brubaker himself.

Brubaker’s use of Kickstarter has helped to establish him as a major player in the independent comic book scene. His success on the platform has inspired many other creators to use crowdfunding as a way to fund their own projects and connect with their fans.

Brubaker’s creative process is highly focused on world-building and storytelling. He begins by creating detailed outlines of his storylines and characters, and then spends a significant amount of time developing the visual elements of his comics. His artwork is highly detailed and emphasizes the use of light and shadow to create a sense of atmosphere and mood.

Additionally, Jason Brubaker is known for his YouTube channel. Brubaker’s channel features a variety of content related to comics, including tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks at his creative process, and interviews with other comic book creators.

One of the most popular features on Brubaker’s channel is his “Making Comics” series, in which he takes viewers through his creative process for creating a comic book. In these videos, he covers topics such as character design, writing, and penciling, and offers tips and advice for aspiring comic book creators.

Brubaker’s channel also features a number of interviews with other comic book creators, including artists and writers from both major publishers and independent creators. These interviews provide insight into the creative process and the comic book industry as a whole.

In addition to his tutorial and interview content, Brubaker also occasionally shares personal vlogs and updates on his own projects. These videos provide a glimpse into his daily life and the challenges and rewards of working in the comic book industry.

Jason Brubaker is a rising star in the comic book industry who has made a name for himself through his innovative storytelling and unique artwork. His career began as an animator in the entertainment industry before he transitioned to comics with the launch of his webcomic series, reMIND. With his continued success and unique creative vision, it’s clear that Jason Brubaker will remain a major player in the comic book industry for years to come.

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