Paul Smith’s Legendary Run on X-Men

A Stylish Blast on the X-Men

Have you ever flipped through a comic book and been blown away by the art? That’s exactly what happened with artist Paul Smith’s work on the X-Men! Even though his run wasn’t super long, it left a giant mark on the X-Men world. In this article, we’ll dive into why Smith’s X-Men art is so awesome and how it changed the game for these mutant heroes.

Smith isn’t your average artist. His style is all about clean lines and clear images, making his characters look super cool and dynamic. But it’s not just about how they look – Smith can also capture tons of emotion in his art, making you feel happy, sad, or scared right along with the characters. Even though his X-Men adventure was short, it was packed with unforgettable moments and incredible art!

Stepping into a Slimy Situation: The Brood Saga

Imagine jumping into a new job in the middle of a huge mess! That’s kind of what happened to Paul Smith when he started drawing the X-Men. Back in the 1980s, the X-Men were facing off against creepy alien monsters called the Brood. The artist before Smith, Dave Cockrum, had been setting the scene for this epic battle. So, Smith had to take over and keep the story going visually, even though he wasn’t there for the beginning.

But guess what? Smith totally nailed it! His art fit right in with Cockrum’s, but he also added his own special touch. He drew the X-Men fighting the Brood in a way that was both exciting and scary. You could practically feel the slimy aliens oozing off the page! Even though it was a tough situation to jump into, Smith showed everyone his talent right from the start.

Defining Moments: When Smith’s X-Men Shined Brightest

Paul Smith’s X-Men run wasn’t long, but some of his artwork became super famous. Let’s look at a few key issues that showed off his amazing skills:

  • Issue #173: This issue’s cover art is legendary! It features Wolverine in a desperate fight, but Smith draws him with tons of emotion. You can see the grit and determination on Wolverine’s face, making you want to jump right in and help him!
  • Issue #170: This issue introduced a whole new look for Storm, one that X-Men fans still love today. Smith gave Storm a punk rock vibe with a mohawk haircut and a leather jacket. This new design was edgy and powerful, perfectly matching Storm’s personality.
  • Phoenix Reborn: Phoenix is one of the most complex X-Men characters. Smith managed to capture her incredible power and inner turmoil in his art. You can see both the beauty and the danger in Phoenix, making her a truly unforgettable character.

A Lasting Impact: How Smith Shaped the X-Men

Even though Paul Smith’s X-Men run was short, it had a huge impact on the comics. His clean lines and powerful emotions helped define how the X-Men looked for years to come. Artists who came after him were inspired by Smith’s work, and you can still see echoes of his style in the X-Men comics today.

Here’s some exciting news for X-Men fans! There’s a special book coming out soon called “Paul Smith’s X-Men Artist’s Edition.” This book will collect all of Smith’s X-Men artwork in one place, with super high-quality printing so you can see every tiny detail. Fans are already counting down the days until they can get their hands on this collector’s item!

Rogue’s Dramatic Debut: Issue #171

Issue #171 wasn’t just visually stunning thanks to Smith’s art, it also marked a major turning point for the X-Men. This issue introduced a new member to the team: Rogue! Rogue is a powerful mutant with a tough past. Her ability to absorb other people’s powers and memories by touching them can be scary. In issue #171, Rogue shows up at the X-Men’s doorstep desperate for help. She’s lost control of her powers and is freaking out.

Professor Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, is known for being wise and trusting. Even though most of the other X-Men are nervous about Rogue joining, Xavier decides to give her a chance. Smith’s art perfectly captures the tension in this scene. You can see the fear in Rogue’s eyes and the uncertainty on the faces of the other X-Men. Issue #171 is a great example of how Smith used his art to tell a dramatic story and introduce a complex new character.

Why Paul Smith’s X-Men Run Rocks

So, to wrap things up, why was Paul Smith’s X-Men run so important? Even though it was short, his art left a lasting impression. He brought a fresh style to the X-Men, captured amazing emotions in his drawings, and even helped create an iconic new look for Storm. His work continues to inspire artists today, and fans can’t wait to see all his X-Men art collected in a special book!

Smith might not have been with the X-Men for a super long time, but his art definitely made a super impact!

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