Neal Adams’ Green Lantern Run

Neal Adams is one of the most influential and innovative comic book artists of all time, and his work on Green Lantern / Green Arrow remains one of the most iconic and groundbreaking collaborations in comic book history.

Adams began his work on the series in 1970, with Green Lantern #76. This issue marked a significant departure from the traditional superhero formula, as it introduced social and political issues that were not commonly addressed in mainstream comics.

Together with writer Denny O’Neil, Adams tackled issues such as racism, drug addiction, and environmentalism, making Green Lantern / Green Arrow one of the most socially conscious and thought-provoking series of its time.

Adams’ artwork on the series was also groundbreaking, as he introduced a more realistic and dynamic style that had not been seen in mainstream comics before. His use of shadow and light, his attention to detail, and his dynamic page layouts helped to elevate the series to new heights of artistic excellence.

One of the most memorable storylines in the Adams/O’Neil run was “Snowbirds Don’t Fly,” which ran in Green Lantern #85-86. This storyline dealt with the issue of drug addiction, as Green Arrow’s ward Speedy is revealed to be addicted to heroin. This storyline was groundbreaking in its frank and realistic portrayal of drug addiction, and helped to raise awareness of the issue.

Adams also introduced several iconic characters during his run, including John Stewart, who would later become a prominent member of the Green Lantern Corps, and Black Canary, who joined Green Arrow as a partner and love interest.

Adams’ work on Green Lantern / Green Arrow remains a landmark achievement in comic book history, and continues to inspire and influence comic book artists and writers to this day. His innovative approach to storytelling and his groundbreaking artwork helped to push the boundaries of the medium and elevate comics to a new level of artistic and social relevance.

If you’re a fan of socially conscious comics, or if you’re simply looking for some of the most groundbreaking and influential comics of all time, the Adams/O’Neil run on Green Lantern / Green Arrow is a must-read. So pick up a copy and discover for yourself why this collaboration remains a landmark achievement in the history of comics.

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